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Direct TV recently began sending out high definition MPEG4 signals to areas in Detroit. Direct TV plans on spreading this new technology to each of its markets during the coming years.
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Although MPEG-4 doesn't change the quality of the images on the screen, it does however use up less bandwidth. Therefore, Direct TV customers will receive faster streams of video enabling DirectTV to be twice as efficient.

To improve efficiency even more, DirecTV combined the MPEG4 encoding with DVBS2 technology, DVB-S2 will produce better and more efficient error-correcting code.

While many of the other satellite television service providers have not yet implemented MPEG-4 technology, DirecTV is one of the first to take the plunge into this new form of technology.

Many say this is a great move for DirecTV as it will allow them to allocate more channels and will provide better services for customers. DirecTV now markets their MPEG-4 receiver in the Detroit area and will soon expand to other citys.

DirecTV's new receivers will catch the transmitting data and decode the HD signals which will then display the video onto your television.

During the coming years, DirecTV plans to offer over 150 national channels and 1,500 local channels on four of their new satellites. This plan of deployment should occur by the end of 2007.

DirecTV has come a long way and is now one of the leading satellite television providers in the nation.


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